Rotary Club of International Friendship (“RCIF”) is a community of friends and colleagues from around the world dedicated to building meaningful relationships.

RCIF is for those who:

  • Value relationships and would like to build new ones
  • Don’t have a lot of time to spend on project work or meetings
  • Have a lot of time to spend on projects — whether leading one’s own or contributing to others’ (no minimum requirements also means no maximum limits!)
  • Travel — when not under global pandemic quarantine, of course; we designed RCIF to appeal to globetrotters and homebodies alike 
  • Want to drop in every once in a while and simply say hello
  • Have big ideas and want a global service platform through which to get involved in something greater than the self
  • Don’t want to pick just one Rotary club — we strongly encourage members to visit as many clubs’ meetings as possible to build relationships and grow the network
  • Want to minimize annual membership dues so that they can decide if/how to spend their resources based on personal values and priorities

How is RCIF different from many other Rotary clubs?

Other Rotary clubs commonly:RCIF:
Identify as clubsIs a community
Require you to apply for membershipWelcomes everyone; no application
Focus on a particular local geographyHas no geographic boundaries, has a global membership base
Hold meetings Hosts gatherings
Require attendance at meetingsEncourages quality interactions
Meet weeklyConnects regularly and spontaneously
Plan projectsInvests in a single cause: friendship
Encourage members to attend other clubs’ meetings when traveling or “making up” missed meetingsEncourage members to expand their networks with Rotarians globally by attending others’ meetings with intention and zeal
Implement dues structures that include meeting/admin costs and donationsCharge minimal dues so that individuals can apply their funds to whatever they care about
Have numerous rules and expectationsHas only two standards:
1. Pay your dues
2. Don’t violate the Rotary Code of Policies

The Leadership Team

Brigette Bustos, chairman and CEO
Michael Ramos, chief strategy officer and treasurer
Tito Reconco, club president and zone liaison
Paul Boudrye, chief innovation integrator
Raul Echevarria, advisory board chairman

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