Think back to a time when you sat around a fire with the scent of evergreen heavy in the air around you. Friends to your left, friends to your right, warmth and story and s’mores straight ahead. Conversations around campfires evoke emotion, connection, and togetherness. And time seems to slow down, while the memory reaches out to hold on to the moments.

This is the kind of community experience that we aim to achieve.

Sample conversation kindling

Women’s Fika
The women of RCIF gather for fika, the wonderful Swedish tradition of intentionally agenda-free connection over coffee and a pastry.
Contact: Brigette
(303) 359-4975

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Some members are energized to contribute to the world’s big issues, and we have a campfire for that.
Contact: Paul
(301) 873-3135

Music & linguistics
Music, linguistics, math, logic, decision-making, harmony. It’s all connected; explore the junctions.
Contact: Michael
(301) 905-7736

Network, Connect, Integrate
This campfire will be open to six people at a time and will connect for three focused discussions on how to advance social engagement for meaningful impact.
Contact: Paul
(301) 873-3135

More to come
Every member is free to rub a few sticks together and generate an inferno of meaningful connection with others. One does not need a title or permission to set up camp!

Human beings have not evolved as fast as their technologies.
For millennia, humans have tended toward community formation for survival, kinship, family, friendship, learning, and belonging. Some of the oldest traditions in human history center on sharing fire, food, and story. So while we may not stoke actual flames, we embody the principles of gathering together in community.
Simply. Warmly.

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